Peter Fitz 
art historian

Budapest, Bartók Béla út 82. 1113 Hungary
Phone/fax.: (+361) 430-1077 466-4997 (+36)30/911-8694


1950          born in Budapest, Hungary
1975          graduated in history and history of art, Faculty of Humanities, ELTE University, Budapest
1975-94     artistic editor, Hungarian National Television
1979-84     responsible of textile collection, Savaria Museum, Szombathely
1979-84     organizer of the Wall- and Spatial-textile Biennale, of the International Minitextile Biennale
                and the of Textile Art Workshop, Velem
1986-89     secretary of art writers' department, Hungarian Visual and Applied Artists' Association
1989-99     president of Ernő Kállai Circle (Art Critc’s Association)
1966-95     editor in chief of film profiles on Dóra Maurer, Tamás Hencze, János Fajó, Gyula Gulyás,
                István Nádler, Imre Bak, Ákos Birkás, László Fehér, Péter Ujházi, Frigyes Kőnig, Zsigmond
                Károlyi, Tihamér Gyarmathy, for the Hungarian National Television
1993          founding editor of the textile art periodical Balkon
1994-        director of the Municipal Gallery/ Museum Kiscell, Budapest
1993-2001  editor in chief of the Encyclopaedia of Contemporary Hungarian Art
2005         curator of the Hungarian Pavillion at 51st Venice Biennale

member of AICA and chief secretary of the Hungarian National Committee (1993-99), member of the board (2004-2005)

Artistic Foundation's Award for Excellence (1988),  Ferenczy Noémi-award (1995),
Officer's Cross Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary  (2005)

Important Exhibitions

1979-84      Wall- and Spatial-textile Biennales, Savaria Museum Szombathely
1979-84      International Minitextile Biennales, Savaria Museum Szombathely
1995           exhibition of István Nádler, Museum Kiscell / Municipal Gallery
1996           exhibition of Tamás Trombitás, Museum Kiscell / Municipal Gallery
Myth, Memory and History (with the Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna)
1997           Dóra Maurer & Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák Inside the whale, Museum Kiscell /Municipal Gallery
1998           Mária Chilf and Gábor Szörtsey Under the Tulps' Sky, Museum Kiscell / Municipal Gallery

1999           Balázs Kicsiny 23 Sailors, Museum Kiscell / Municipal Gallery

1999           Hermann Nitsch:
Six Days Game in Printzendorf, Museum Kiscell / Municipal Gallery
2004           Block-group Visible or invisible, Museum Kiscell / Municipal Gallery
2005           Balazs Kicsiny An Experiment, Hungarian Pavillion, 51st Venice Biennale
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2005           Balazs Kicsiny: Winterreise, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York                       
2007           Carol Ross
Hortus Conclusus, Venice

1970 I began my university studies at the Lóránd Eötvös University’s Faculty of Art, first studying History and English and then History and Art History. I graduated with top honours in 1975. The title of my diploma work is “Some Special Trends in Contemporary Hungarian Sculpture - Erzsébet Schaár”. I am a qualified historian and art historian.
    Between 1974 and 1976 I worked as freelance editor/intern with Hungarian Television’s Fine Arts Department. I was appointed editor commencing April 1, 1976. The scripts and films I made here address universal old art, 19th century Hungarian and contemporary Hungarian fine art.
    In my films source and documentary material of academic calibre was coupled with the dramatized dissemination of knowledge and topical criticism. I film series I made between 1976 and 1982 was an encyclopedic presentation of 19th century Hungarian painting, sculpture and cultural history. (“The Beginnings of Fine Crafts 1-4”, “Chapters from the History of Hungarian Picture Writing 1-4”). Between 1980 and 1990 I made “The Art Object of the Week”, a weekly programme for the dissemination of knowledge presenting masterpieces in Hungarian museums. Over 250 films were made in this series.
    From 1986 on I made films about the most important representatives of contemporary Hungarian fine art. In the wake of this project films were made of the most important participants of the "IPARTERV" Generation.
    As of 1977 I specialized in the theme of contemporary textile art. I regularly participated in the work of the Velem Textile Art Creative Workshop, in organizing exhibitions and putting out publications about them.  As of January 1979 I became head of the Savaria Museum’s Department of Applied Art in Szombathely, which I took on as a part-time job as museologist and then senior museologist. I worked in this capacity until December 31, 1984. Here I was responsible for the professional-academic management and organizing of the modern textile art collection. In addition to preparing periodic exhibitions (Wall and Space Textile Biennial, International Miniature Textile Biennial, Industrial Textile Biennial, Velem Textile Art Creative Workshop, etc.) and processing their outcomes and editing publications, I also engaged in theoretical work. Under my management the collection earned international acclaim. In the course of 1984 I developed a collection concept for the Szombathely Picture Gallery, then under construction, drew up its short- and long-term work programme, and recruited the institution’s new staff.  Subsequently to this I made an unsuccessful bid for the post of the Picture Gallery’s director and so in December 1984 I terminated my contract of employment with the Vas Country Museums’ Directorate.
      From March 1, 1985 to November 1986, I worked part-time as art consultant for the General Art art trade company. This assignment gave me the opportunity to gain some experience in the Hungarian and international art trade.
    I had been a member of the Federation of Hungarian Fine- and Applied Artists’ art writing section between 1979-99. From 1986 to 1989 I was the section’s secretary. Since 1989 I had been the president of the Federation’s Ernõ Kállai Circle (an art critics’ association). Since 1990 I’ve been a member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics), and secretary of AICA’s Hungarian section between 1993-99. I have also been  member of the Municipal Fine Arts board (1990-1994), the board of the Ministry of Culture and Education’s Ernõ Kállai scholarship board (1991-1997), and in 1994-1996 of the board of the Soros Foundation Contemporary Arts Center. As guest lecturer I taught a course at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Art and have delivered lectures at the Department of Art History at ELTE University’s Faculty of Art.
    In November 1993 I became a co-founder and editor of the contemporary arts journal “Balkon” (Balcony). I left the journal on December 1, 1994.
    As of January 1, 1994 I’m director of the Municipal Picture Gallery where I am responsible for organizing Contemporary fine art exhibitions, arranging and building up the collection, putting out publications. Thus far 33 publications have come out under my directorship. Since 1993 I have been organizer and editor-in-chief of the Contemporary Hungarian Arts Lexicon published by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Art History Research Institute and Enciklopédia Publishers. This publication is a summary of the history of Hungarian fine art in the post-1945 period. From 1997 I edited the fine arts section of the Hungarian and International Who’s Who.
    Awards:  The Award of the Arts Fund, 1988, Noémi Ferenczy Prize, 1996.,
ungarian Republic’s Officer Cross of Merit  (2005)

Selected Publications:

"Szóra bírt műtermek” (Art Studios Made to Speak) (Kritika [Criticism], 1976/5.)
"Schaár Erzsébet: A három Marx”, (The Three Marx) (Művészet Évkönyv [Art Year-Book], 1977. pp. 233-235.)
"Erzsébet Schaár`s The Three Marx”, (Alba Regia Évkönyv [Alba Regia Year-Book], 1978 pp. 375-379.)
"Tárgyalkotás helyett gondolattextil” [Idea Textile Rather Than  Object Creation] (Velemi Textilművészeti Alkotóműhely Évkönyve [Velem Textile Art Workshop], 1977. pp. 7–11.)
"Összegzés helyett” [Instead of a Summary], (Velemi Évkönyv [Velem Year-Book], 1978-79. pp. 6-9. )
"Textil textil nélkül” [Textile Without Textile] (catalogue, Savaria Múzeum, Fiatal Művészek Klubja [Young Artists’ Club], 1979)
"Gobelin”, (Textilkunst, 80/4. Hannover, pp. 150-153. )
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"The Reformers of Textile”, (Textilkunst Linz`81, anthology of studies, Linz, 1981. pp.  28-31.)
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"Das beispiel Volant-Werkstatt in Ungarn”, (Ein Bericht über das Symposium K-18 Stoffwechschsel, Kassel, 1984. pp. 38-40.)
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The Exhibition of Ildikó Ardai,  Beáta Hauser Beáta,  Winners of the  8th Wall and Space Textile Biennial (catalogue, Savaria Múzeum, 1986)
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Contemporary Hungarian Textiles 1933–86 (catalogue, Nottingham Castle Museum, 1987)
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Textile artist Lujza Gecser’s memorial exhibition. (1943-1988) (catalogue, King Stephen Museum 1989)
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"...nem fejlõdésrõl kell beszélnünk, hanem a normális felé való visszafejlõdésrõl.” [....we must not speak of evolution, but of evolving back to the normal] (A conversation with  Tamás Olescher), (Árgus, 1993. november-december,  pp. 106-114)
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Tihamér Gyarmathy’s Exhibition, BTM, 1995)
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Mítosz - Memória - História, avagy kísérlet, hogy a művészet helyét a művészet révén definiáljuk dr. Hegyi Lóránddal [Myth - Memory - History, or an Attempt to Define the Place of Art through Art with Dr. Lóránd Hegyi] (catalogue, pp. 10-13, 1996)
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From 4M to LUMU,  (Artmagazin, 2005. 3.)
Balázs Kicsiny: An Experiment in navigation; Kicsiny Balázs: Navigációs kísérlet, (Praesens, 2005/2,)
Experiment in navigation. Miner, Sailor, Diver, Priest and Traveller with Anchor, Skis and Chain; Esperimenti di navigazione. Minatore, marinaio, sommozzatore, paroco, viaggatore con l’ancora, con gli sci e con le catene; Navigációs kísérletek. Bányász, matróz, búvár, plébános, utazó horgonnyal,sível és lánccal (Balázs Kicsiny  Experiment in Navigation The 51st International Art Exhibition, Venice, catalogue., Műcsarnok, 2005., 101-159. p.)
My view about Carl Laszlo (in: Gömör Béla: Szemben az árral. László Károly portréja, GMR Reklámügynökség Bt., Budapest, 2006., 42-43.o.)
Nádler (in: Nádler album, szerk.: Szikszai Károly, ÉS könyvek, Budapest, 2006., 17-22.o.)
Helényi lovai [helenyi's Horses](Élet és Irodalom, 2007. ápr. 20. )
Deli Ágnes (in: Artinact, Paksi Képtár, 2007., 41.o.)
Haász István (in: Artinact, Paksi Képtár, 2007., 105.o.)
Henczéről (in: Artinact, Paksi Képtár, 2007., 124-125.o.)
Nádler István (in: Artinact, Paksi Képtár, 2007., 209.o.)
Soós Tamás (in: Artinact, Paksi Képtár, 2007., 277.o.)
Szirtes János (in: Artinact, Paksi Képtár, 2007., 289-292.o.)
Trombitás Tamás (in: Artinact, Paksi Képtár, 2007., 297-300.o.)
Záborszky Gábor: Noli tangere circulos meos (kat. 2007.)
Molnár Gyula a képalkotó (in.: Molnár Gyula: Az én vízuális nyelvem, Enciklopédia Kiadó, Bp., 2008)

Heer der Vollblutminimalist (in.:Joseph Heer, Edition Artera-Museum Artera, 2008)
Hencze 70 (catalogue,. Hencze Tamás, Fővárosi Képtár 142, 2008, 5-11.o.)
Semmi szélén és beljebb (in.: Szörtsey Gábor, 2B Kulturális és Művészeti Alapítvány, 2008, 88-97.o.)

Csurka Eszter (catalogue, Csurka Eszter, 2008)                                                                               
A gondolatmenet struktúrája. Konok Tamás új képei (in.: Konok Tamás. A gondolatmenet struktúrája, Fővárosi Képtár, 2009)
Marjan Derksen: Magic World (Bussum, NL, 2009) 
Time without end (in.: Hajnal Gabriella, 28-31. p. Bp. 2009)
Structuring art from minimal forms. The career of Janos Vizsolyi (in:
Vizsolyi János szobrászművész: 50 év, 23-30. p.,  KM-Pharmamedia Kft. Budapest, 2009)







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