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Budapest, Kiscelli utca 108., 1037 HUNGARY
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The Museum Kiscell

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        Opening hours:

Thursday—Sunday 10 am-6 pm
(closed on Mondays).                                                        

        Admission Fees:                                                MAP 

1 000- HUF Adults (with Budapest card 500 HUF)
1 200- HUF Family (minimum 1 adult and 2 children)
   500- HUF Students and Pensioners
   500- HUF Photo ticket
 1500- HUF video ticket chidren
   050. HUFChildren programe on the weekend

Guided tour for groups of less than 25 people, upon previous registration and with a purchased exhibition ticket
HUF 4 000 per group in Hungarian
HUF 7000 per group in other languages

Guided tour for groups of more than 10 people upon previous registration and with a purchased group discount ticket
HUF 5 000 per group in Hungarian
HUF 8500 per group in other languages

                                                                                                                            Friedrich Ferenc: Nagy bagatell


Kiscelli Múzeum főbejárat








Current exhibitions

Imagined Communities, Personal Imaginations.

Private Nationalism

in the Templespace
28 October- 13 December

Permanent Exhibitions                    Barabás Miklós: A Lánchíd alapkőletétele


Temporary ExhibitionsGulácsy Lajos: Karosszékeben ülő leány

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