Exhibitions in 2001

Northern Dimension                            March  22–April 29 2001
Contemporary Art from Finland

Susanne Gottberg, Radoslaw Gryta, Tero
Laaksonen, Kuutti Lavonen, Henrietta Lahtonen,
Katariina Ryöppy, Risto Suomi
(installation, paintings)
Curator: Aniko B. Nagy

Monique Deyres                                              May 10–June 10 2001
Curator: Peter Fitz

A Collector and Donator                      July 6–September 16 2001
Max Schmidt exhibition
(furnitures, design)
Curators: Eva Kiss, Judit Loranyi

Paul Uwe Dreyer                                              September 27–November 4 2001
(painter from Stuttgart, Germany)
Curator: Peter Fitz

Simon Csorba                                                   November 15–December 31 2001
(sculptures, installation)
Curator: Peter Mattyasovszky


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